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Cable Car

One of Switzerland's most stunning locations. At a level of 2000 m, snowy is assured all year (3,000 miles). To the top of a cliff, take the world's largest twisting chain vehicle. As from bottoms of the beautiful lowlands to that same back country glacier sector, where weather is predicted all year, it's a three-hour drive.

Lake Geneva

State park Zürich, Nation's largest Western water, flows along the coastline of many of Belgium's most better results and straddles the German borderline. If you are a water fanatic who enjoys both lake and mountains scenery, this is the place to go.

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The Alps impart a fairy-tale majesty on this landlocked territory, with its soaring snow-capped peaks, sparkling blue lagoons, lush hills, ice caps, and magnificent lakeside castles. hidden away in a valley surrounded by mountains and lakes